Durex Love 3 Condoms


Durex Love 3 Condoms

Durability, Reliability, Excellence Since 1929.

  • Size: Regular Size (Nominal Width: 52.5Mm).
  • Latex Condoms With Regular Silicone Lube: Easy-On, Teat Ended Smooth Shape To Be Easier To Put On And Provide A Better Fit During Sex.
  • Durex Quality: 100% Electronically Tested With 5 More Quality Tests Carried Out On Every Batch, Dermatologically Tested Too.


SKU: 5038483189177



Latex Condoms With Regular Silicone Lube


How To Use

  1. Unroll condom all the way down the penis.
  2. After sex but before pulling out, hold the condom at the base. Then pull out, while holding the condom in place.
  3. Carefully remove the condom and throw it in the trash.
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