Kotex Soft & Smooth Overnight 28cm Non Wing 8 Pads


Kotex Soft & Smooth Overnight 28cm Non Wing 8 Pads

Feel secure during your period month with these newly imrpoved high absorbent pads. From light to heavy flow days, kotex newly improved signature pads offer exceptional protection even during sudden gushes.


SKU: 8888336017617


1 x 8 MAXI NON WING (28CM)

5-in-1 Leakage Protection:

  • Anti-Leak Channels – Deep channels for all round protection from leaks
  • Rapid Absorb Core – Helps absorb sudden gushes.
  • Body Fit Shape – Raised centre for gapless protection against leaks
  • Micro-Dri Cover – With more than 3,000 micro holes for faster absorption.
  • Cottony Soft Layer – To help reduce irritation.

How To Use

For light to heavy flow.

  1. Attach pads to the inside of your underwear. Extra protecion duing heavy flow day & night use.
  2. Change every 3 to 4 hour.
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